Too Much to Remember

Lately I’ve been seeing and doing so much that inspires me. It being too much to remember, I’ve been writing it down, photographing it, downloading pictures into inspiration folders. I’ve been making Excell files, word files, texteditor files, indesign files, facebook posts. It has become one messy blast of inspiration. One utter sweet chaos.


I’m creating this blog to remind myself of what I have yet to post. If I inspire only one other, it would already be a gift.


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  1. Monique says:

    My dearest Sanne. I am very proud of your creativity, talent and professionalism. You only go for the best and are always open for suggestions and opinions and willing to implement them if they contribute to the quality of your work. But nothing can stop you from your own beliefs and knowledge. That´s what makes you unique as a person and your work memorable and one of a kind, for viewers as well as clients.

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