A Wedding Gift

“Sjoerd & Lily, with the help of my friend Sanne van Renesse I’ve taken upon the challenge of pressing a stamp on our friendship. A couple of elements came to us: spreading wings, flying high, a solide base, always being able to find each other and great distances nevertheless. Furthermore, we found out Evelyn [their daughter] means bird. She drinks from the Lily – her mother. Alongside the Eagle – my name translated – is the Ermine, who stands for strong will and freedom.” – Jan-Arend

In collaboration with Jeroen & Jeroen from Eye Entertainment, I designed a wedding gift. It had to contain symbolism about the friendship between Jan-Arend and Sjoerd and important aspects of Sjoerd’s life, such as his wife Lily, his daughter Evelyn and his work in the windmill industry. The first idea was to make an aquarel painting, but it didn’t feel entirely right – too feminine and too fairytale-like. The centre of the work had to de a logo for their friendship.


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