My Brilliant Artist Life

2009 – My naked body, butt on the front, sculpted out of chicken wire and paper mache, the back open so you can see the wire on the inside, completely white, a photograph of my body in that same posture projected onto it. In total darkness it’s as if I’m really there. My mouth is really moving and telling you something. The naked, projected me shows that’s she’s fed up having her body and soul judged shamelessly and subjectively by showing herself completely. Thereby: no more deceiving and twisting. Or is that still there? Can nothing be done? She tells an abstracted, sarcastic poem over music about how ‘hard’ it is to be an artist, or a person at all, from beginning to end. With a wink to Spinvis.. or is it stolen?

The left image is being projected onto the 3D sculpture, which you see in the right image.

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