Indoor Google Street View | Press

I feel really privileged to be chosen by Google to photograph Street View inside of businesses in and around the lovely town of Groningen. Always ‘walking’ in holiday destinations, city trip faves and my own town, now I can also walk in! If a Google Trusted Photographer made a Street View, that is.

2013-03-12 10.59.11-2

It really is a blast to see how this news spreads like a wildfire. Finally, after working hard and living of scraps, a perfect basis came on my path! I’m not a Google employee: it’s an extension of my own business, so that keeps me really sharp to hold my quality up high. The best thing is being a minuscuul but gigantic part of something that big. A business is no longer just a business, but a group of passionate people who work their asses off to make something of their embarkments. Being happily socially awkward, with these people I have the best time while working, building a relationship wich brings me to visit them and their enterprises again. The last ones I did are Irish Pub O’Malley’s and Aussie Pub Pacific. They’re in the centre of Groningen and of course, I took my friends there and tested the places. And I must say: very tasty food, Guinness and really good cocktails (hard to find)!



I started off doing the restaurant with the best authentic Italian food in town: my good friends of Giovanni’s. Beware: no pizza! The touching little Italian, half deaf chef puts his heart and soul in his greens, meats, fish, the most tasty sauses, his pure pasta and risotto dishes and salads. Don’t hesitate to go there and let them surprise you, starting with a good Italian wine, always changing antipasti or carpaccio and gloating over their homemade tiramisu with Limoncello.


What I’m also really proud of, is I got to do the famous Hotel Krasnapolsky, its oldest original restaurant of the Netherlands and their beautiful Winter Garden.



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