LunaQ Poster


LunaQ, when therapy ceases to work. LunaQ reaches all the places you want her to and more. She goes within you, surrounds you, grounds you and reflects you. She’ll absorb you and launch you to places you’ve never seen and beyond. You’ll caress, love, hate and kiss her. Then you’ll leave and miss her. Her filthy, funky rock will shake your ground ‘till your steaming boots burn holes in the floor. LunaQ, when you need a refill. You’ll beg her not to cry, ‘cause it hurts inside, but when her smiling eyes find their way into your brain, you’ll lose yourself in bliss. Always remember the intriguing tale of how she came to be. Once upon a time, The Big Blue-eyed Monster found himself eternally floating in empty space that went by the name of The Nothing. Feeling like missing something, but not knowing what, he decided to create out of this nothing. On the first day he created sound. He closed his eyes, listened and colors emerged from the darkness. On the second day he created taste. He tasted all the fruits he could imagine and emotions welled up in the depths of his being. On the third day he created words that could tell an infinity of stories. While he sang, history, present and future formed. On the fourth day he created men and women to wonder, move, admire and challenge. He watched, listened and found those men and women filled the world with inexhaustible inspiration. On the fifth day he created balance. Balance of love and hate, good and evil, and he saw everything falling into place. People started living, talking, wondering, dreaming and wishing. On the sixth day he created rock ‘n roll. Everything he created before, got meaning; starting orbiting around each other like a universe. On the seventh day he realized all that was left to create was personality. This was the day he created LunaQ. LunaQ, ‘cause you’ve got nothing to lose.


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