About The Blog

Lately I’ve been seeing and doing so much that inspires me. It being too much to remember, I’ve been writing it down, photographing it, downloading pictures into inspiration folders. I’ve been making Excell files, word files, texteditor files, indesign files, facebook posts. It has become one messy blast of inspiration. One utter sweet chaos.

All my life, I’ve done what I wanted to do without fearing the future. When you make choices because of your fear of the future, you place yourself in a box and don’t usually choose what you would really want to do. We often feel somewhat jealous of people living a simpler, more servile life and seem to be happy doing it. But I doubt that most of these people really are as happy in their safe box as in our romanticized image of those people. For me it would at least be very unhealthy, if not fatal. The only thing I can do is doing what I love and work all the harder to keep doing just that. People who know me, of course, only see the things that succeed and ask me ‘How come such a small town filmmaker or little photographer from the middle of nowhere pulls something like that off?’, with the exact tone you would expect such a sentence to be in. What they don’t see is that I try a thousand things and those two to three ‘things’ come out of that.

It was a relieving step for me from the school of arts to working life, while I heard that it was often almost traumatizing for others. I was terribly thrilled to finally do it and get rid of those suspenders, which meant it was more likely that my pants would fall down. But I’m not afraid to show my underwear.

Never be afraid, occasionally be depressed, laugh your tongue out, cry your eyes out, but keep going and keep taking risks and once you’ll get that distant view of a place you want to go. Then you know in what direction to go and what walls of rice pudding you have to eat through to reach the candy.

I’m creating this blog to rimind myself of what I have yet to post. If I inspire only one other, it would already be a gift.


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