Business Portrait Collection

Suite 30 – intimate portraits of the owners and employees of a holiday home Eye Entertainment – personal portraits of design-business owners Jeroen & Jeroen with their passions and their work Suite 30 – fun Playmobil portraits of holiday home owners & employees and their tasks: Diet is managing bookings, Akvile and Paula are cleaning and Anton is fixing things…

Albert Heijn Promo

After a store-makeover, Albert Heijn asked us to make a promo to attract the new batch of students in the City

AHa! De Verbouwing

We were asked to weird-vlog the renovation of an Albert Heijn Watch all of the episodes: Intro Episode 1 – I Believe I Can Flyer Episode 2 – De Gangmakers Op Het Verkeerde Feest Episode 3 – Apocalypse Episode 4 – De Sloopkogel Episode 5 – No Man’s Land Episode 6 – Busje Komt Zo…

Cancer Come, Cancer Go

2011 “Our own unreality. We act our own lifes. This is not a film, this is reality. I’m 22 and my mother, dead? Those couple of months.. I find myself crying on the floor, not able to stand up. Jeroen sits down next to me and I nest my soaking wet face into his shirt….

On The News!

They made a news item about us because of our Oliebollentest!

De Grote Oliebollentest

Wij hebben de oliebollen en gastvrijheid van 9 kramen in Groningen getest! Benieuwd of het AD gelijk heeft over het Overwinningsplein, en of wij ons kunnen inhouden alle 9 oliebollen met huid en haar op te vreten?