Business Cards 2015

I designed my new business cards with the intention not to take myself too seriously – as already enough people do – to stand out and to provoke a reaction. The first thing they see is a normal, pretty business card, but on the back is a little surprise for them to get to know…

A Wedding Gift

“Sjoerd & Lily, with the help of my friend Sanne van Renesse I’ve taken upon the challenge of pressing a stamp on our friendship. A couple of elements came to us: spreading wings, flying high, a solide base, always being able to find each other and great distances nevertheless. Furthermore, we found out Evelyn [their daughter] means…

LunaQ Poster

LunaQ, when therapy ceases to work. LunaQ reaches all the places you want her to and more. She goes within you, surrounds you, grounds you and reflects you. She’ll absorb you and launch you to places you’ve never seen and beyond. You’ll caress, love, hate and kiss her. Then you’ll leave and miss her. Her filthy, funky…

Band Illustrations

I had some fun with handicrafts – cutting, folding and rolling – to design playful music illustrations.

LunaQ Album Design

Logo Design by Jeroen Brugman from Eye Entertainment, photography & album design by Sanne van Renesse