Poster Croissanterie

For Croissanterie Du Nord I designed this poster to put up next to their entrance

Band Illustrations

I had some fun with handicrafts – cutting, folding and rolling – to design playful music illustrations.

A Wedding Gift

“Sjoerd & Lily, with the help of my friend Sanne van Renesse I’ve taken upon the challenge of pressing a stamp on our friendship. A couple of elements came to us: spreading wings, flying high, a solide base, always being able to find each other and great distances nevertheless. Furthermore, we found out Evelyn [their daughter] means…

Book – Herbs & Teas

I designed these pages with information about herbs and teas for a book I am working on

Poster Design for Festival

I designed this poster for Welcome to the Village. Each line represents one important aspect of the festival; from top to bottom: easygoing, Friesland (the state it is in), drinks, food, camping, music, and the terrain.

LunaQ Album Design

Logo Design by Jeroen Brugman from Eye Entertainment, photography & album design by Sanne van Renesse

Art Folder

For an exposition by BooART art mediation I designed this informational folder

Confronting Movie Poster

For my documentary about my mother and her battle against cancer, I designed this confronting movie poster that shows my mother getting internal radiation

Wellness Hotel Banner

For the wellness spa of hotel NH Zandvoort, I designed these informational roll-up banners