LunaQ Poster

LunaQ, when therapy ceases to work. LunaQ reaches all the places you want her to and more. She goes within you, surrounds you, grounds you and reflects you. She’ll absorb you and launch you to places you’ve never seen and beyond. You’ll caress, love, hate and kiss her. Then you’ll leave and miss her. Her filthy, funky…


Some cartoons I wrote and designed about my own experiences

Valentine Print

I designed this valentine gift with my boyfriend and me and our weirdo cats

Poster Croissanterie

For Croissanterie Du Nord I designed this poster to put up next to their entrance

Band Illustrations

I had some fun with handicrafts – cutting, folding and rolling – to design playful music illustrations.

A Wedding Gift

“Sjoerd & Lily, with the help of my friend Sanne van Renesse I’ve taken upon the challenge of pressing a stamp on our friendship. A couple of elements came to us: spreading wings, flying high, a solide base, always being able to find each other and great distances nevertheless. Furthermore, we found out Evelyn [their daughter] means…

Poster Design for Festival

I designed this poster for Welcome to the Village. Each line represents one important aspect of the festival; from top to bottom: easygoing, Friesland (the state it is in), drinks, food, camping, music, and the terrain.

Confronting Movie Poster

For my documentary about my mother and her battle against cancer, I designed this confronting movie poster that shows my mother getting internal radiation