Worldwide Candle Lighting Day

I got to make the Video for Wereldlichtjesdag (Worldwide Candle Lighting Day) 2016 – a day to stop and think about all the children that have past away. The mood was amazingly fragile, one of solidarity and open-heartedness. Music: The Hill by Marketa Irglova for the movie Once Spotify URL: spotify:track:4Qc4mhRzRlhh4AV7G8M97b Advertisements

Cancer Come, Cancer Go

2011 “Our own unreality. We act our own lifes. This is not a film, this is reality. I’m 22 and my mother, dead? Those couple of months.. I find myself crying on the floor, not able to stand up. Jeroen sits down next to me and I nest my soaking wet face into his shirt….


2009 – The soothing tellings by my grandparents about their interesting lives. [embed width=”100%”][/embed]


2007 – Before attending the Art Academy in The Netherlands, I threw a summer party with live music which – over a period of four years – grew into a festival in a theatre for hundreds of people from all over the world. The festival contained underground music, art, film and theatre and became known as…