I’ve managed a band called LunaQ. The launch of their first album was in a sold out Vera, an internationally well-known venue, along with an art exhibition, the launch of their first video which I also made and a support-act. I also photographed them, made their posters and designed their cd.

For Bas & Lotte

A gift from my ex-boyfriend and me for the wedding-day of two of the few people with the power to make us cry. The song is especially written and recorded by Richard Broersma.

Living Room Concert

After my mother was cured from cancer, I organised a living room concert to celebrate life and to create a soundtrack to the documentary about her fight with the illness. Pt. 1 – Intro Pt. 2 | Gerhardt Heusinkveld – L.O.V.E. Pt. 3 | Tangarine – Path of the Climb Pt. 4 | Case Mayfield…

No Title

2010 – All music has been written and recorded for this short specifically.


2009 – Installation. This image was projected in a narrow hallway onto the two facing walls. The constantly surrounding woman, creates a threatening atmosphere.

Artist Questions

2010 – This clip speaks for itself. You see me asking myself questions and answering them. And I’m starting to annoy myself more and more because of it. It’s about one of the many stereotypes people have about artists: the substantive; having a big mouth, chitter chatter, but not being able to create a grabbing…

My Brilliant Artist Life

2009 – My naked body, butt on the front, sculpted out of chicken wire and paper mache, the back open so you can see the wire on the inside, completely white, a photograph of my body in that same posture projected onto it. In total darkness it’s as if I’m really there. My mouth is really…

To Be An Artist

2008 – This film is made with a given theme sentence: to be an artist. It’s about stereotypes that exist about artists (to be): it doesn’t matter who you are. As long as you’re in school, you’ll be anonymous because you’re one in a million. You see the character go to drawing class, make something…


2007 – Before attending the Art Academy in The Netherlands, I threw a summer party with live music which – over a period of four years – grew into a festival in a theatre for hundreds of people from all over the world. The festival contained underground music, art, film and theatre and became known as…

Thom Yorke Installation

2006 – Each of the four video’s played on a separate television, set up in a circle. When standing in the middle, you can hear a sounds, inspired by Thom Yorke’s Skip Devided. Experiment from my first year in the Art Academy in The Netherlands, in 2006.