(Anti) Islamisering-Demonstratie Groningen

Wil je deze tekst en/of deze foto’s gebruiken? Vraag even om toestemming en ik stuur je zelfs het originele formaat. Wanneer ik vandaag vrolijk en naïef in mijn rokje en hoedje mijn huis uit de Vismarkt op huppel in het gemoedelijke Groningen, word ik verwelkomd door bewapende busjes en gepantserde agenten (of was het nou…

Amsterdam Underground Art Scene

W139 – When I finished my study at the Art Academy in The Netherlands, I got three major first assignments and collaborations. One was The Royal Palace in Amsterdam, one was the internationally known Art Gallery W139 in Amsterdam (which got me on VICE) and one was the art mediation company BooART. I photographed for…

Unveiling the Ronald Kolk Painting

Working with art mediation company BooART, I got to be a part of a lot of special events. One of these was the unveiling and giving of a painting of Amsterdam couture designer Ronald Kolk.

Project Clean-X Haren

After the riots because of an accidentally public  Facebook Event, now known as Project-X Haren, came volunteers from all over the country to help clean up.

BNN & Dirk Scheringa

Opening ‘Het Miljard’ – Jorn van Hoorn | Opening: Dirk Scheringa | Location: Museum Jan van der Togt | Film Registration: Emiel Strzeszewski (101.tv BNN)

Music Photo’s

The one thing that stands out again and again is that I thrive on emotions. When I started out as a photographer, I snapped a lot of music, bands and other events. These are those first images.