Groningse Schilderkunst

One of my regular days out: every once in a while, I go on a one day road-trip through the province of Groningen to photograph Beikes’ painters’ new work.

Freshly Brewed Beer

Had the mouthwatering experience of photographing the home-brewed beer Bogdike and damn tasty biological meat (which I got to eat after) of Veendam’s famous hotel/restaurant Parkzicht

The Royal Palace

The Royal Palace Amterdam was my first-ever paying customer, right after graduation.

Urban Planet

I spent a week visiting as many abandoned factories as possible, climbing over piles of rocks and crawling beneath fences. At the first factory, we got found out by the property manager, but instead of giving us the boot, he gave us his number so we could get his key the next time. We came…

BooART Exhibition Locations

When I finished my study at the Art Academy in The Netherlands, I got three major first assignments and collaborations. One was The Royal Palace in Amsterdam, one was the internationally known Art Gallery W139 in Amsterdam (which got me on VICE) and one was the art mediation company BooART, which got me my first…

Klostermannhof – Book

This book contains photo’s and texts about the mansion in Germany my mother, stepfather and grandparents live. In some pictures you can see a part of a person, hidden and small. It’s about the presence that is and has been there throughout times in different places. It contains four stories, each of which possesses one…

Art Amsterdam

My first unpaid assignment ever was to photograph exhibitions and openings during Art Amsterdam. Here I really learned to work fast but secure, be independent and how to network and talk about myself, my work and my aspirations.


I photographed the interior of guest house, living room restaurant and event location Klostermannhof in Germany.