Let me introduce myself. My name is Sanne van Renesse. One could describe me as headstrong, sassy with a hint of sarcasm, determined, a bit strange, business-like spiced with dreams, a great listener and observer of details with well substantiated opinions, big on trust, challenging the definition of realistic, humble but proud, confident but modest, remarkably strong but substantially sensitive, inspired as quickly as I’m bored, hopeful, resourceful, emotionally practical, always trying to save people but stern nonetheless.


I’m known to always look different, every day. My motto about how to dress and wear my hair and make-up, stands as a symbol for how I intent to live life and hope to inspire others to do so as well: do not necessarily dress the way you feel, but dress the way you want to feel. In other words: don’t be a victim of your situation.


Other things I’m known for are the fact that I’ve never worked for a boss or needed welfare, wanting only to make a living doing what I love; people always tend to tell me private, emotional things soon after meeting me; I remember, thus know a lot; I make people laugh; people always seem to put their emotional burdens on my shoulders; I thrive on emotions artistically; a lot of hard, bad shit happened to me; I’m still the happiest, most optimistic person they know.


Well before the slightest chance of a collapsing or saturated market, I’ve grabbed on to at least four new ideas that help me catch the current and surf the wave right over it.


Selling a business, for me, is selling myself. The first and foremost things I bring to acquisitioning, networking and presenting are a quirky personality and vibrant appearance. The first thing I do is making them laugh to break their professional shell – even the most ernest ones for whom I have to use all of my weapons. Then I tell them about what I do and want with upmost, perfectly thought-out professionalism, but with a twinkle in my eyes. And after asking what they think and hearing out how they have to think about it, I finish them by looking them in the eye openly and sincerely causing the greater part to tell me the only word I want to hear: yes!