(Anti) Islamisering-Demonstratie Groningen

Wil je deze tekst en/of deze foto’s gebruiken? Vraag even om toestemming en ik stuur je zelfs het originele formaat. Wanneer ik vandaag vrolijk en naïef in mijn rokje en hoedje mijn huis uit de Vismarkt op huppel in het gemoedelijke Groningen, word ik verwelkomd door bewapende busjes en gepantserde agenten (of was het nou…

Business Portrait Collection

Suite 30 – intimate portraits of the owners and employees of a holiday home Eye Entertainment – personal portraits of design-business owners Jeroen & Jeroen with their passions and their work Suite 30 – fun Playmobil portraits of holiday home owners & employees and their tasks: Diet is managing bookings, Akvile and Paula are cleaning and Anton is fixing things…

Two Seasons in Two Days

After having a lot of fun taking portraits of the park staff of Parc Emslandermeer, I grabbed my car, a gate pass, drove around through the beautifully calming place and shot panorama’s on two consecutive but very different days. Two seasons in two days.

Worldwide Candle Lighting Day

I got to make the Video for Wereldlichtjesdag (Worldwide Candle Lighting Day) 2016 – a day to stop and think about all the children that have past away. The mood was amazingly fragile, one of solidarity and open-heartedness. Music: The Hill by Marketa Irglova for the movie Once Spotify URL: spotify:track:4Qc4mhRzRlhh4AV7G8M97b

LOLing at Parc Emslandermeer

It was my honour and definitely my pleasure to take portraits of the lovely people of Parc Emslandermeer in Vlagtwedde. The big bad boss wanted his staff to be photographed in their natural environment. He was quick to make clear they had humor and I thought it would be a good idea to act like…

SOOOG – School Institution

Stichting Openbaar Onderwijs Oost Groningen wanted their portraits a little bit different from the standard, but still serious and with a clear theme throughout.